Party bus, stretch SUVs and stretch limos are commonly rented for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, bachelor and bachelorettes party or any other general entertainment. These party buses come in different sizes that can accommodate 10 to 50 persons. Some factors that affect the total price of the vehicle rental is the type of vehicle, size or the capacity of the vehicle, the amenities included, the time when the vehicle is needed, party bus packages and other special request for the ride.

One factor that affects the total cost is the length of time that a customer needs the service. Commonly, party buses are being offered in a four-hour time block which means that the base rate is covering for four hours, if the client only needs one hour, he or she will still pay for four hours. The length of time also includes the time of the bus to leave the garage to the customer location. If the client will need the part bus to an event and go back home, the waiting time will still count to the total time even if the customers are not using the bus.

The location of the party bus depot to the customer location also affects to the total cost of rental and the distance of the point A to point B, like if the total distance of travel will cover 100 miles from the depot to the customer, this will affect the total cost. Most company has a 30-mile service area which means there will be additional charges if the distance is above the base distance. There are also additional charges if the bus travels long distances and if the event requires a parking charge.

Cost will likely to increase after 5p.m. reservations for it is the prime time for limo, shuttle and party bus service. If some parties are expected to be until early morning, some company charges additional fee after midnight.

Another factor is the size of the party busses in denver and how many persons it can accommodate. The types of vehicles consist of luxury party buses in different sizes and the capacity ranges from 15 to 50 persons. Others are stretch limos, Cadilac Escalade to keep ethereum secret party vehicles, limo buses and SUVs like stretch Hummers. Each size has different amenities included like large screen TV, laser and LED lighting and sound system, large buses have mini bars and all these adds extra cost to the party bus rental. The gas is also a factor for some vehicles. Some SUVs and buses only get around four miles per gallon and in most cases depending on the number of passengers.

The day of the week is also a great factor to the total rental cost. During weekends, companies receive to many bookings compared to weekends. Therefore, cost will always be higher on weekends and it usually starts on Friday evening while Mondays to Thursdays are the least expensive to rent a party ride which is the good time if you have a flexible schedule. Customers are not only paying for the time, distance and the size of the bus but also for the chauffeur who will ensure you a safe trip from the pickup point until the drop off.